Letter: Himes would let kids keep being poisoned, innocents killed

To the Editor:

I was outraged after reading Rep. Himes’ statement in connection with President Trump’s executive orders related to immigration and border control. Perhaps we should do nothing until that “well thought-out and comprehensive plan” is approved by our lawmakers, during which time the illegals and drug dealers continue to cross our borders into this great country, poisoning our kids, taking American jobs and killing our innocents.  Ever hear the names Kate Steinle or Sarah Root , Mr. Himes?

Raids in our cities resulting from “extreme enforcement”? The only raids in our cities are those propagated by the likes of hate groups and the anarchists who have recently been creating bedlam in our cities and reeking havoc on our college campuses. You are worried about returning illegals back to their so-called “dangerous countries” – but you would rather keep them here in the U.S.?

Americans have no problem with the concept of taxpayer dollars be used to assist refugees fleeing religious persecution within their own countries. All illegals crossing our borders should be immediately returned. This nation is a nation of laws, which need to be enforced by our elected officials, Mr. Himes.

“Undermine our leadership around the globe”? These so-called “dangerous countries” are laughing their rear ends off as a result of “red lines” and “JV team” rhetoric. What leadership might you be speaking about? America has lost respect around the globe. Remember when our sailors were detained by the Iranians and forced to remain on their knees? Where was our great leadership then?

Since when is protecting our citizens “antithetical to our core values as Americans”? Americans are not heartless people. But take a good look around – more homeless than ever on our streets; people struggling to make ends meet; peoples’ religious values challenged – while simultaneously looking over their shoulders, fearful of another terrorist attack. We should help ourselves first - sooner rather than later.
Linda Scarpantonio