Letter: Herbst works well with senior community

To the Editor:

Two years ago, I introduced myself as a candidate to the Town Council of Trumbull for District 1, joining First Selectman Tim Herbst’s team. Tim’s passion and commitment to represent the people of Trumbull inspired me to run alongside him. Trumbull has not always been my home, I spent my time as child in Italy and much of my adult life working in the town of Greenwich. As I aged, Trumbull seemed to be the best fit to retire in Connecticut. First Selectman Herbst has created a positive and welcoming environment for our senior community. The Herbst administration has worked with the senior community in Trumbull to create tax relief programs and community service that greatly benefits our residents.

While senior citizens are struggling for a quality of life in Connecticut, Tim Herbst has promoted a healthy environment for our seniors to enjoy their time with family and loved ones at an affordable rate. For the two years I’ve been on the Town Council, our efforts to expand and improve Stern Village, and implement the Senior Citizen Center Building Committee have proven positive results that First Selectman is working for our seniors and continues to do so. I am proud to be running with the Herbst Team and we hope to have your vote this November. Let’s vote to support our senior citizens, and continuing to put Trumbull as a leading example for Connecticut.
Ennio De Vita
District 1 Councilman