Letter: Herbst shows sensitivity towards seniors

To the Editor:

First Selectman Tim Herbst and his administration have shown responsiveness and sensitivity towards senior citizens over the past six years. Although I am not a senior citizen, I look at some of my family members and their friends who know that Tim Herbst keeps Trumbull affordable for seniors. First Selectman Herbst and our administration realize that our seniors, who have lived in this town for many years, have invested in their community and have decided to retire in Trumbull. The Herbst Administration has proven to invest in the people who put the most of their time creating Trumbull’s unique identity.

Strong families in Trumbull mean a vibrant and healthy community across each generation in town. Within the senior community, First Selectman Herbst has implemented a bold volunteer program that provides tax relief for individuals with 100 hours of community service. The Herbst Administration kept the promise of a transparent government by creating the Senior Citizen Center Building Committee. The Herbst’s administration's accomplishments have grown our town and the first selectman’s plan to continue to invest in our aging population is a top priority.

First Selectman Tim Herbst and his administration have a clear vision for the future among our aging population. First Selectman Herbst has unveiled a dynamic Trumbull 2025 Senior plan that will ensure that we continue to assist our seniors. Community engagement is imperative to an open dialogue and communication to shape Trumbull. First Selectman Herbst intends to expand upon his Senior Volunteer Program by creating a “Seniors Helping Seniors” initiative that will benefit our most elderly neighbors.

Under First Selectman Herbst, decisions at town hall are made with logic and thorough planning. I am grateful that the leadership isn’t constantly in the present moment or focusing on the short term. Strong and effective leaders have the ability to keep their promises and plan for the future. We have come a long way during the Herbst administration, and keeping the momentum is essential in order for our town to continue to prosper. Please join me to support Team Herbst on Nov. 3. An investment in Herbst is an investment in our aging community.
Joanna Leone