Letter: Herbst's attacks are tearing Trumbull apart

To the editor:

Last week, Trumbull First Selectman Timothy Herbst decided to attack me for using an improper word in a text message that I sent him, in which I called him a part of the male anatomy, and he questioned my ability to handle a budget.  This was his way of responding to my pleas to stop the purchase of homes on Upper Church Hill Road to build a senior center or to expand our municipal government. My text message to Herbst was posted by his father to the Republican Town Committee's Facebook page.  

For the record: I sent that text, it was wrong, and I own my mistake.  There are ways to make a point without resorting to using foul language, even in a long-running personal text, and for that, I sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been offended.  

The next day, the post was taken down and an apology was posted in its’ stead. However, Herbst carried the attacks to his Facebook page and used others to attack me, and I began posting pieces of text he has sent me displaying his use of “colorful” language. I felt that if the First Selectman believed it was okay to discuss conversations of personal texts (and executive sessions), that I best learn from him (as I did with my use of a word). What I witnessed was nothing short of amazing.  

As he rails on, fewer and fewer others are willing to risk themselves for this cause. He carefully lies, I will not.

After this all occurred, it became quiet, or so I thought. Herbst tried to get the media to cover this to continue his attacks on my family. Thus far, this request has been denied by media vociferously, as can be witnessed in a segment on HAN Network's "CT Pulse" program, which you can watch here.) I urge everyone to watch.

What is so sad is that when we moved to Trumbull over three years ago, Tim and I got along just fine.  We have met, I’ve met his consigliere Jack Testani, and while my beliefs differed, there is no reason why people cannot get along regardless.  Town politics shouldn’t matter – people do.

I never could have been so wrong about him.

In three years, I have watched Tim attack Republicans, Democrats, independents, seniors, schools, students, volunteers, parents, moms, libraries, TYA, sports, the Nature Center, Trumbull Day, etc. 

Herbst attacks everyone eventually. He seems to believe it’s how you get people to shut up. Unfortunately, he is systematically tearing down this wonderful town in an attempt to gain higher office, which would allow him a greater opportunity to exercise his destructionist tendencies.

I have had enough, and I am neither worried nor scared of him. Right now, I feel that I did not do enough for everyone that was attacked before, and it took being attacked to wake me up.  

I teach my children to stand up to bullies, and I will do the same, and I promise that I will do so with dignity and respect for all.

-Scott Kokosa