Letter: Herbst made the right decision to protect the town

To the Editor:

I have some concerns about the painting at the Trumbull Library that have been donated by Dr. Resnick. If the paintings are not insured and if the proper legal paperwork has not been signed by Dr. Resnick, whose money will be used if the expensive paintings were damaged, lost or stolen? Where will the money come from if there is loss, damage, etc. There is always the possibility of damage, vandalism, or other matters.

First Selectman Tim Herbst managed the situation the right way by protecting the town and taxpayers. The painting had to be removed temporarily because it was just too much of a financial risk to keep the painting there without the proper paperwork and insurance. I hope that all of the town leaders and people in town understand that he was protecting the town and taxpayers’ money.

I think the library director or any town worker should be very careful when making decisions that affect the town and the public. It makes me uncomfortable to hear that a library director and Library Board were not being cautious and did not think of the important legal paperwork and insurance that the town is asking for. If you skip steps in the process, you are putting the town and the public at risk.

I hope that Dr. Resnick resolves this matter and does the right thing by signing all of the paperwork that the town attorneys are requesting and obtaining insurance.

I think Dr Resnick is generous to loan his paintings to the library, but at whose expense?

Antonette Leone