Letter: Herbst is hard working, energetic, and passionate

To the Editor:

I was first introduced to Trumbull by a classmate in early 2011 and immediately fell in love with the town. In early 2013, that same friend introduced me to First Selectman Tim Herbst. With my background in commercial real estate, Tim invited me to be part of the Economic and Community Development Commission, where I witnessed firsthand the projects developed in our town. Busy as Tim can be, for him to not only take the time to get to know me, but to nominate me for a town position speaks to his character. Tim’s ability to relate with my generation as a First Selectman at the age of 35 presents a unique perspective of bold ideas for the town we both care for.

I am always surprised to hear Tim’s opponents say he is too intense. Would you want a First Selectman who doesn’t show passion when fighting for their town and the people who live here? I have witnessed Tim’s intensity and am comforted by the fact that my First Selectman is working hard to not only protect the efforts his administration put forth, but also constantly looking for ways to improve our town. His pillars on education, stabilizing taxes, and attracting local businesses to  improve our developments shows that he is a leader focused on what makes a good town great. With Tim, Trumbull was ranked 7th best town for families by Family Circle Magazine in the US and 2nd best town in Connecticut for families by a popular national website; these rankings show the progression in our town. Trumbull is coming out of the 2009 recession stronger than many of our neighboring towns and it’s because we have a leader focused on a better future. We are building a community that is attracting younger families such as my wife and I, while still maintaining the traditional values that Trumbull holds dear.

To live in a town where the First Selectman was born and raised makes me feel very fortunate. I moved around a lot when I was younger so to know my future is in Trumbull makes this town more of a home to me than anywhere else I have lived. First Selectman Tim Herbst took the time to get to know me and include me in Trumbull, as I watch him do for many of my neighbors. He is a leader who is here for all of us because he is one of us. I ask you to please join me in supporting Team Herbst, and his entire team, with your vote on Nov. 3.
 Robert McGowan,
Candidate for Town Council, District 2