Letter: Herbst is a man of principle

To the Editor:

My name is Ennio De Vita and I am a candidate for Town Council representing District 1. Reading the letters to the Editor by a certain Democrat, Aug. 29, prompted me to make some comments. Let me say that I am new in this town. I moved to Trumbull from Greenwich in 2006 and I do not believe I have met the gentleman, so my comments are only philosophic in nature. He indicated that in 2009 he was a Republican, in 2010 he became unaffiliated, in 2011 again Republican and finally in 2012 a Democrat, because of disagreements with Mr. Herbst. He also indicated that others in Town like him switched from Republican to Democrat for “A matter of principle.” What principle may I ask?

We are in a particular party for our beliefs not because of a particular man. We are, in general terms, Democrats if we believe in a socialistic society. We are Republicans if we believe in a free market. In my case I am a Conservative, believing, first of all, that I am a single individual and my rights are to be protected. Society is a result of individuals. We have a good society if we have good individuals not the other way around.

I support the Constitution of U.S. in full, including the fourth Amendment. I disagree with some of the policies of the Republicans in Washington, but I do not become a Democrat. I do not reject my beliefs. It appears to me that the reason that he and the other Republicans who became Democrats have nothing to do with “Principal,” but with personal needs. It is also my opinion that those people do not have philosophic beliefs, and they are ready to change affiliation depending on the circumstances. The people of Trumbull should consider their words and actions before given them their support.

I met Tim Herbst in 2009 when he asked me to be on the WPCA Commission. He struck me as a man of principles, integrity and leadership. He indicated that the WPCA was a mess. I discovered that he was right. I had, on my side, 37 years experience working for the Engineering Division of Town of Greenwich. I cannot understand, after the critical improvements that his administration made, there are people who desire to return to the old destructive policies.

Ennio De Vita