Letter: Herbst driven by passion

To the Editor:

I first met Tim Herbst a little more than four years ago, as my wife and I became involved in the full-day kindergarten initiative. To be honest, our first impression of Tim was “Wow, he’s intense!” However, the more we interacted with Tim and got to know him, we quickly realized his zeal was fueled by a genuine passion for the Town of Trumbull.

Although critics have perceived Tim’s demeanor as haughty at times, I see an avid leader protecting all that he and his administrations have worked tirelessly to accomplish. He is a leader who is intent on seeing the town’s actualized progress continue. Whether it be the implementation of full-day kindergarten, increased security measures at our public schools, stabilization of our average tax rate over the past six years (the lowest in Fairfield County), or the creation of a pro-business environment which has led to a steady increase of new businesses opening in town, Tim certainly has a proven track record worth defending. Moreover, I see a leader who takes every opportunity to connect with our community. Whether he’s giving out his personal phone number, email address, or scheduling one-on-one meetings, Tim is always willing to go the extra mile to answer any question or address any concern any resident may have.

With Tim Herbst there is no wondering, “What kind of leader are we getting?” We know very well. We are getting a leader who is passionate for seeing the community he has served since the age of 19 continue to be the place we should all be proud to call “home.” I ask you join me in supporting Team Herbst with your vote on Nov. 3.
Matt Caron
Candidate – Town Council Dist. 4