Letter: Herbst administration responsible for Trumbull’s prosperity

To the Editor:

I moved my family of five (at the time three children under 3) to Trumbull due to the great education system, open space, and low crime. I wanted my children to grow up in a safe town that supplied them with all the advantages possible.

First Selectman Herbst and his administration have made sure that our town not only stayed on track but prospered. I plan to be in Trumbull for a long time, as we enjoy the community immensely and will be staying an active part of it. The 2025 plan released will ensure that Trumbull stays a town that is affordable to live in by making sure we continue to have stable taxes as well as obtain a AAA rating (which is obtainable for the first time in the town’s history due to the sound financial management of the Herbst Administration). I did a review of the taxes levied against my property and realized that had the taxes continued on the same path as during the previous administration I would not have been able to afford to move my family here.  The difference in tax increases between the Herbst Administration and the previous administration kept my taxes down by $2,275 a year.
In my time in Trumbull my family and I have grown to love this community and people in it.  Please come out and vote on Nov. 3 for Team Herbst to ensure that we can all stay here and continue to be neighbors for the foreseeable future.                                                                         Scott Zimov
Candidate for Board of Finance