Letter — Help us make Trumbull even greater

Joseph Pifko
Joseph Pifko

To the Editor:

This past Monday night I had the honor of being elected the Chairman of the Trumbull Republican Town Committee. In the past, I have had the privilege of serving on the Town Council as a Fourth District Councilman and as the Vice Chairman of the Town Council. I also co-chaired the Trumbull Community Center Building and Study Committee. I am a long time Trumbullite, having lived in town many years. This is the place we chose to raise our family. Trumbull is a great town with great possibilities.

I hear a lot of people say that Trumbull has been quiet lately. That doesn't mean we aren't facing lots of issues. How many Trumbull residents even know that there are serious proposals to build multiple apartment complexes in town? These apartments will change the face of Trumbull forever. What effect will they have on our school system, police, fire and other services? What will happen to our taxes?

What about our seniors? The Senior Center now has an enrollment of over 1,000 people, yet they are housed in a 100-year-old building with 57 parking spaces. The current administration is prepared to spend considerable money to study this issue again. We already spent money exploring the situation and proposed a solution. What happened to the referendum on the Community Center promised by the first selectman?

In addition, the Board of Education is now looking to relocate their staff to a new facility and the library is planning on renovating its facilities. The Emergency Medical Services, not long ago solidly in the black is now $1 million in the hole. Then there is the issue of people being paid town salaries while collecting town pensions.

Trumbull may seem quiet, yet it is anything but. Thomas Jefferson wrote that, "a well- informed electorate is a prerequisite to an effective democracy." It is our job as the minority party to inform the electorate, challenge the current administration, and make them accountable to the people of Trumbull.

It is the mission of the Trumbull Republican Town Committee to work towards a better Trumbull. Please join me in making our great Town of Trumbull even better.
Joe Pifko, chairman
Trumbull Republicans