Letter: Hate-filled rhetoric about immigrants does no good

To the Editor:

I was disgusted to read the letter written by Carol Hudak in the paper last week and astonished that the Trumbull Times would publish it.

I understand there is much reason for fear at this time and an abiding desire to do something, anything to keep us and our country safe, but the kind of hate-filled rhetoric offered by the writer is not the way.

The letter is obviously Ms. Hudak’s opinions and view of the world, but without any factual basis at all so that it is not clear to me how publishing it does anything other than inflame conflict.

A fact omitted by Ms. Hudak is that the last President started a war in Iraq under false premises to overthrow a dictator without sufficient concern for the consequences.

There have now been thousands of soldiers killed as a result and an estimated one hundred thousand wounded, maimed, and/or suffering from traumatic brain injuries not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens killed since the start of a war in 2003 that the current President opposed.

Another fact Ms. Hudak does not mention is that the void created by the overthrow of Saddam Hussein spawned ISIS, which is what we must all now reckon with.
Ralph Balducci