Letter: Get out and vote in Aug. 12 primary

To the Editor:

As the Aug. 12 primary approaches, I want to take this opportunity to encourage those who are eligible to vote in Tuesday’s primary.

It’s too late to switch from one party to another, however, unaffiliated voters and residents not yet registered to vote can sign up with a political party until 12 p.m. on Aug.11 at town hall. Unaffiliated voters can actually switch online for the primary. If you are 17 and will turn 18 before Election Day, you can also register and vote in Tuesday’s primary.

I understand residents wanting to remain neutral by registering as unaffiliated voter; however, unaffiliated voters miss out on the opportunity to have a voice in the primary process. I believe it’s important that all citizens take part in choosing our next Governor. Connecticut’s future is in jeopardy and serious changes must be made.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am supporting John McKinney in next Tuesday’s primary for Governor. I have known John for nearly 20 years. While we don’t agree on every issue, I have always found John to be honest, hardworking and in full command of the issues facing Fairfield county and our state.

We in Fairfield County have been neglected by the current administration, little or no attention as been paid to our crumbling roads, bridges and metro north. No greater example of this than $600 million for a nine-mile bus to nowhere in Hartford, while the most productive in the state are ignored.

Trumbull residents and other Fairfield county towns are looked at like an ATM for a bloated state government.

Massive tax increases and borrowing have stalled the economic engine of Connecticut. I believe John understands the need to create and environment that fosters opportunity and encourages growth. John has advocated for business owners, for taxpayers and against Governor Malloy’s failed education policies that are hurting our teachers and students.

I have worked alongside John, crafting an alternative budget that addresses our needs, while not racking up billions of dollars of debt and massive tax increases.

Connecticut is in need of a reset, and change of direction, I believe John is the right person for the job.

State Rep. Dave Rutigliano (R-123)