Letter: Get Connecticut working again

To the Editor:

If you are concerned about rising taxes at the state level and the stagnation of job creation in Connecticut, then you must join me in reelecting David Rutigliano for state Representative in the 123rd district.

As the owner of a chain of local restaurants, Dave is a job creator. He knows firsthand what it takes to run a successful business in Connecticut and understands the difficulty of growing a small business in an unfriendly business environment. Dave has spent the last two years representing Trumbull in Hartford and he is a strong advocate for both our town and our state.

Dave is a father who cares about creating an environment where young adults, both yours and mine, can find good, tax-paying jobs and begin to build a life for themselves here at home in Connecticut.

Connecticut needs to go in a different direction. The policies, tax increases and leadership of our state government has not been beneficial to the citizens of Connecticut. Dave Rutigliano is a common sense legislator who is committed to fixing what is broken in our State. He is brings pragmatism, dedication and the belief that we can all prosper from shared responsibility, hard work and honesty. With Dave as our State Representative, we can begin to get Connecticut working again.

Vote Dave R. for the 123rd. He brings common sense representation for the hard working residents of Trumbull.

Lori Rosasco Schwartz

Town Council

District 3