Letter — Gaudiano is concerned for all residents

Lisa Valenti — DTC photo
Lisa Valenti — DTC photo

Observing the climate between Democrats and Republicans on a national, state and local level makes me glad I am an unaffiliated voter. I feel the two-party system is flawed and I vote based on my opinion of the candidate, no matter their affiliation.

With that said, I am voting for Ashley Gaudiano.

In the past year while serving on the Trumbull Town Council with Ashley, I have learned and appreciated her work ethic, attention to detail and love for the community. She is concerned for the well-being of all residents. She wants to keep taxes low and is a strong advocate for education. I have watched her engage with constituents and eagerly listen to their concerns. On the council floor she is moderate and thoroughly reviews each resolution. Ashley is tireless, and balances motherhood, civic responsibility and her career with ease.

The saying is ask a busy person to get the job done: That is Ashley Gaudiano. Ashley brings people together and her legal background will make her an excellent candidate for State Representative of the 134th District. Before you vote along party lines please take the time to have a conversation with Ashley...you will be glad you did.

Lisa Valenti, D-4th

Trumbull Town Council

Note — Lisa Valenti was elected to the Town Council on the Democratic ticket but is not a member of the party.