Letter — Gaudiano has intelligence, integrity

Mary Beth Thornton — Trumbull DTC photo
Mary Beth Thornton — Trumbull DTC photo

I am writing in support of Councilman Ashley Gaudiano as she asks for your vote on Nov. 6 for a seat in District 134 in the State House of Representatives.

Ms. Gaudiano has been working for your community as a Trumbull Town Council representative in District 4 since 2017. She has listened to your concerns, she has carefully researched the issues and she has voted on your behalf with your best interests in mind. Ashley asks the hard questions, she understands the issues and spends as much time as necessary to find the answers.

Three of Ashley's best traits — Intelligence, integrity, experience — are evident as a community volunteer and as a leader for our community in the Connecticut General Assembly. We must elect individuals with these traits, representatives that we can trust and who have the experience and understanding to bring positive change. This is the time to bring a representative to Hartford who knows how to invest in our future and support all of our citizens with a transparent, fair voice.

Vote for Ashley Gaudiano for State Representative in the 134th District on November 6.

Mary Beth Thornton (D-2nd)

Trumbull Town Council chairman