Letter — Gaudiano embodies Trumbull’s values

Anthony Musto — Trumbull DTC photo
Anthony Musto — Trumbull DTC photo

To the Editor:

When deciding who to vote for on November 6, ask yourself if the candidates have your community’s best interests at heart and how the candidate will help Trumbull.

Ashley Gaudiano is the candidate in the race for State Representative in the 134th District that has shown she embodies Trumbull’s values. Education – she and her husband have two young children and believe in Trumbull’s school system. Fiscal responsibility – working for us on the Town Council to limit taxes and keep Trumbull affordable. Business growth – as a business owner herself she understands the challenges we face.

More than that, Ashley has proven that she will work hard to improve Trumbull and make our voice heard in Hartford. She is a vocal and pragmatic Town Council representative, voting for balanced budgets and for bi-partisan issues that benefit Trumbull. This is the type of work we can continue to expect from Ashley. You can look at her record for yourself.

Her opponent has had four years to do something for our town and for the district, with no results. Supporting some general policy on a party-line vote is very different from bringing state investment for our schools, senior center and parks. If we have seen no results after four years we should consider a different choice.

I’m supporting Ashley because she has proven by who she is and what she has done that she will represent us well in Hartford. Please join me in voting for her on November 6.

Anthony J. Musto (D)

Town Treasurer