Letter: GOP slate represents the best of Trumbull

To the Editor:

As the Chairman of the Trumbull Republican Town Committee Recommendations Committee, I would like to address some of the outrageous comments made by a Democratic candidate in last week’s edition of the Trumbull Times.  He would have residents believe through his hyperbole and exaggerations that there has been a mass exodus from the Trumbull Republican Party. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A handful of malcontents decided to leave the Republican Party and become Democrats because of personal agendas.  Nothing more. It was stated that half the Republican Town Committee has resigned. The truth is there is a waiting list in some districts of people that want to join the RTC.

This year, Democrats Steve Wright, Lisa Labella, Greg Basbagill and John DelVecchio chose not to stand for re-election. Are they leaving the Democratic Party out of disgust? Are they leaving because they are turned off by the negative tone certain Democrats have brought to the political process in Trumbull? In all of my years involved in Trumbull politics, I have never known a person who changed their political affiliation five times in a two-year period.

If Mr. Herbst has created such a toxic environment in town government, as some have claimed, then why have the voters elected and re-elected Mr. Herbst by wide margins in 2009 and 2011. Mr. Herbst was the first Republican first selectman re-elected in Trumbull since Larry Heimann in 1971. Republicans also won super majorities on the Trumbull Town Council in two consecutive elections, something that has never been done in all of the years I have been involved in Trumbull politics. People get re-elected when voters believe they have done a good job. Voters clearly believe that the Herbst administration has done a good job of managing the town.

This year, the Herbst team has assembled one of the strongest slates of candidates to stand for election. Our Town Council candidates represent the best of Trumbull.  They are decorated veterans, business professionals, lawyers, teachers, small business owners, grandparents and parents. Mr. Herbst and his team will stand on their positive record of accomplishment. The only toxic environment that has been created in town government is the visceral disdain and personal animosity that certain Democrats show for our First Selectman. And, like the little boy who cried wolf one too many times, I believe voters are sick of this negative approach and want to talk about how we can move our Town forward in a positive direction.

Dee Chiota