Letter: GOP Chairman stepping down

To the Editor:

The past six years has been a very rewarding experienced during my tenure as chairman of the Trumbull Republican Town Committee and I have decided to step down this March. Through different election cycles I have had the privilege and opportunity to meet excellent candidates and most especially, amazing Trumbull residents. I first joined the Trumbull Republican Town Committee in 2003 at the urging of my friend, Tim Herbst.

I was fortunate to be Chairman of the Republican Party at a time when we rebranded our party as agents of reform. Our First Selectman has often reminded our Republican elected officials and Town Committee members, that the voters of Trumbull want us not to make noise, but make policy. Today, the Trumbull Republican Town Committee has a full roster in every district with a waiting list of new members eager to join. Our fundraising efforts have been recognized by the State Republican Party as a model other towns should follow. Our election victories have set records, with the recent re-election of our First Selectman with 70% of the vote and the victory of every Republican candidate on the ballot.

This has happened with a sound approach to governing. Today, taxes in Trumbull are more stable than they were four years ago. Our pension fund and our bond rating are stronger now than they were four years ago. Student achievement is stronger than it was four years ago and our Grand List is growing at a better rate than it was four years ago. Trumbull is moving in the right direction and the proof of that is the state and national recognition we are receiving as a model suburban community.

This year, my counterpart, Nancy DiNardo is also stepping down and I wish her well. Over the last few years, I have seen the Democratic Party in Trumbull change and change for the worse. Trumbull Democrats have chosen a path of negativity over constructive suggestions for Trumbull’s future. Rather than telling the people what ideas they offer to move the town forward in a positive direction, Trumbull Democrats spend more time tearing people down through personal attacks that rely upon innuendo and supposition. For the last six years, the Democratic Party has pursued an agenda of personal destruction, personal vendettas and personal agendas. And as a result of this strategy, in each local election during that time, Republicans have not only won, but their margins of victory have increased to record breaking levels.

Trumbull voters deserve better and more reasonable and sensible Democrats to take leadership roles in the Trumbull Democratic Town Committee. The two-party system will be better for it and the Town of Trumbull and its citizens will be better served.

Jack Testani