Letter: Frustrated with town's response to blight issues

To the Editor:

I am writing to share my frustration about a blight issue in town that I believe First Selectman Timothy Herbst has ignored when I’ve tried to bring it to his attention.

I called Mr. Herbst numerous times about ordinances being violated around town. He did return my call once, when I was unavailable. I returned his call numerous times and never heard back. I also came to his office to speak with him but he was unavailable. I have also spoken to town hall staff, to no avail. I feel I have no alternative but to write this letter.

In the winter of 2011/2012, I was in violation of one of these ordinances and received a letter from the blight manager. I addressed the issue within two days and it was cleared up a short time later. In the meantime, I gave up my time on two Sundays, three hours each day, plus my own gas, to drive around Trumbull and find at least 30 other violations just like mine. I handed a list to the blight manager, who said he would look into it.

Guess what? Every violation still existed the next winter. This winter when I drove around most of those violations remained, except for three. It’s unbelievable that 95% of the violations are still there, along with three new ones, three years later.

Why do we have these laws if you are not going to enforce them — with the exception of myself and a few other law-abiding residents? Even if letters are being sent out to these people, it’s no wonder they don’t pay attention because it’s not being enforced.

I went out of my way to find these violations and nothing is being done. This is unfair and I’m tired and frustrated with being ignored. I’ve been a resident and a taxpayer for 36 years and should be heard.

I would appreciate a call from our first selectman or another staff member on this situation. I have my suspicions that nothing will be done.

Patrick Burdo