Letter: Fresh eyes on a beautiful town

To the Editor:

My name is Paige Francis, a registered unaffiliated voter proud to be running for Town Council, District 4 with Team Tesoro on the Democratic ticket.

My family and I moved to Trumbull from the south two years ago and have fallen in love with our neighbors and school. Along the way I’ve developed a vision for the bright future of Trumbull. While Fairfield University enchanted us to relocate, Trumbull became our forever home. I’m a wife, mom, Jane Ryan Elementary PTA Treasurer and serve on the PTSA Council.

Recently my husband battled a brain tumor. We are still in awe of the outpouring of community support. Gratefulness runs strong in the Francis Family. I’m a do-er, possibly an over-achiever, and I am excited to give back to this town in a deliberate, responsive, educated way.

My areas of expertise are strategy, innovation, technology and leadership. I am a team player and look forward to many collaborative interactions leading to completed improvement projects for our town while continuously being mindful of spending. Reallocation of current assets and the prioritization of ‘need versus want’ are strong suits of mine. I enjoy a challenge.

I will bring transparency and a fresh set of eyes to Trumbull town leadership. While I think one can learn from the past, I don’t believe the past should impact forward movement.

I appreciate the opportunity to be a solid choice on November 3 for Town Council, District 4.

If you have any questions, please email me at paige@vickifortrumbull.com.
Paige Francis,
District 4 Town Council Candidate