Letter: Francis family thanks Trumbull community

To the Editor:
On July 21, my family’s world was turned upside down when my husband Darren, the daddy to our five year old daughter Bella and eight year old son Fox, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. What started out as a couple of weeks of random blurry vision resulted in just about the scariest words I’ve ever heard from a doctor.
My family moved to Trumbull over a year ago and not being surrounded by family has been our toughest adjustment. Receiving this news 1,200 miles away from family added almost debilitating feel. We called everyone we could think of with the news but kept remembering friends and family we’d forgotten. To ensure we covered everyone I decided to go ahead and communicate 2015-style via a Facebook post.
The outpouring of Trumbull support has been overwhelming and humbling. At one point we had the opportunity for an immediate neurosurgeon consult so, without even thinking, I posted a need for someone to immediately watch our children. Before I refreshed the page, two members of our community were in their cars asking for an address. Now we have a meal train, offers for lawn care and even housekeeping.
THIS is Trumbull. THIS is my community. THESE are our local family.
Brain surgery is set for Friday, July 31. We have no idea what our future holds but we are hopeful and praying. I wanted to make sure before this gets real that I extended a sincere thank you to my Trumbull community — from the Francis Family to you. Your support has been shocking and just about the best thing ever in such a dark time for us.
Paige Francis