Letter: Four-plus decades of experience at Trumbull Public Schools

My tenure in Trumbull Public Schools is a testimony to my commitment to our town. My career spanned 41 and a half years. I served as a Spanish teacher, coach, advisor, Department Chairperson of World Languages, and Administrator, " C "House Principal. My experience provides  a clear perspective on educational issues. I have made many connections with students who are now parents in Trumbull. I have prepared and maintained the THS budget for 14 years. Reviewing the budget will be the first task of the new BOE in December.

Collaboration is an essential element to achieve goals and working in a team is a priority for me. I would like to review current policies and take an active part in crafting new ones that will serve us well. Also, I want to encourage those in charge of hiring , to seek the best qualified and experienced individuals to fill positions  in order to keep our district competitive.

I believe it is important to view the BOE as an approachable governing body that will serve as a vehicle to support and guide.
Lucinda Timpanelli, 
Board of Education Candidate