Letter: Former sub denied modicum of decency

To the Editor:

I was dismayed last week to learn about the sudden, unexplained cessation of Joseph Rodgers' employment with the Trumbull Public School system. The Mr. Rodgers I remember was a class act, the rare substitute who actually taught instead of simply popping a Star Wars into the VCR. He respected his students and it was reciprocated in turn. He was genuinely interested in our education and I very much doubt this interest has flagged in the 11 years since my graduation from THS. He exuded warmth and intelligence and was an exemplary role model, though only the curious among us would have learned of his tenure as translator for the U.N., because this wasn't something he boasted of.

While we can only speculate currently about the cause of his termination (since no official comment has yet been proffered by Trumbull High School or the Board of Education), I find it disheartening that Mr. Rodgers was let go after thirteen years of sterling service to the community via the crass, impersonal finality of an automated phone message. His record surely warranted a modicum of decency. I laud the students who've rallied behind Mr. Rodgers and raised awareness of what appears to be an abuse of power by elected officials on the Town Council and Board of Education.

Hopefully the coming weeks will see the vindication and reinstatement of this gifted and generous educator or, at the very least, bring Mr. Rodgers and his many friends and supporters belated closure.
 Tom Curtin
Class President of THS, 2004