Letter: Finding opportunities to save money

To the Editor:

My name is Andrew Palo and I was originally elected to the Board of Finance in 2009. I am a graduate of St. Joseph’s High School and earned my Bachelor of Science in Finance from Sacred Heart University as well as my Master of Science in Financial Management from Fairfield University. I’ve worked in asset management, treasury, accounting as well as investment consulting throughout my working career.

I’ve heard from many residents through these past four years as to how financially difficult it is to live in Trumbull. Recently, we were burdened with a 34% increase in our WPCA bills. That quarterly increase alone equates to a week’s work of groceries for many residents.

So, the question then becomes, what can be done to offset such increases? I believe we have opportunities in our town budget to save money by outsourcing many of the fixed costs we have become accustomed to.

There is a revenue side to every budget and it is vital that we continue to find new ways to generate revenue growth by bringing in new businesses and re-thinking the best ways to work with companies to foster their growth here in Trumbull.

On Nov. 5, I ask for your vote to continue the journey I started in 2009. I truly enjoy working for the people of Trumbull and I pledge to listen to what residents have to say and to always keep you in mind as I cast my votes on the Board of Finance. Thank you.

Andrew Palo