Letter: Final band performance Friday (VIDEO)


To the Editor:

I just want to thank the Trumbull Times for the support of the THS Golden Eagle Marching Band this season. We have officially completed our competition season, but have one more performance at the halftime show at the football game this Friday night.

I know the Trumbull community is familiar with the success of the program, but this season was the first in many recent years to have ranked so high at many competitions. They placed third at the Bands of America Regional, finished in first place at the MAC Championships and earned another top place finish at the US Bands New England Championships. At the US Bands National Champs hosted at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the band finished third and won the award for best general effect. Along the way, they have won additional awards for all captions and big recognitions for best general and overall effect.

They started practicing this show in July, spent two full weeks in August and continued a practice schedule of over 20 hours a week to perfect the show. An amazingly committed group of over 150 students, the band finds a way to work together to make this happen. We are also fortunate to have a dedicated staff of almost 30 individuals that work tirelessly to bring success to the program. All of this is supported by a band family that cheered them on every step of the way.

If you can take 10 minutes to watch "Constellations," you will think you are watching a college performance. On the video, they start performing around minute four, there are great highlights along the way with actual constellation formations, great guard aerials, headlamps that act as stars and a cymbal 'star' at the end with the words "The Eagle has Landed." What is most impressive here is the talent showcased by our true 'stars' who truly exemplify "Pride, Attitude and Concentration."

In case you are attending the football game this Friday, the band will be performing the show for the last time. It is truly better live and we would love to have the support of you and the Trumbull community.

Kelly Targowski,

THSGEMB marketing