Letter: Fifth grader responds to Trump’s statement on Muslims

To the Editor:

A few days ago Donald Trump said that Muslim immigrants should not be allowed into US.

Many people are arguing that this seems like a short term fix to avoid any further terrorist attacks.

On the contrary, I feel it will lead to more evil than good. This will isolate the whole Muslim within the country.

There are many good Muslims serving our country through military, police, doctors and politicians etc; this will definitely make them furious and angry. This anger would cause more social unrest, which would further fan the fire of terrorism.

We can’t forget that the foundation of America was laid on religious freedom and our founding fathers gave us the right to practice any religion through the constitution of this country.

We can’t leave a community just because few radicals are causing havoc. Moreover, it will divide the whole world into Muslims and non-Muslims, causing a new kind of Apartheid.
Rhea Ahuja
5th Grade student,
Daniels Farm Elementary School