Letter: False claim about sewer charges

To the Editor:

Recently I heard one of the Trumbull first selectman candidates claim that the sewer tax scenario in Trumbull is unfair because property owners have to pay sewer tax on water used to water their lawns or fill their swimming pools – water that never goes to the sewer. I offered a helpful correction but the candidate pretty much rejected it.

So that property owners are aware of their options I called Aquarion to make sure that others can do what I did soon after I was hooked up to the sewer line. I called the water company and requested a separate meter for the water that would not enter the sewer. They were happy to oblige and didn’t charge me for the meter installation. I did have to pay the plumber, and Aquarion charges a quarterly fee of under $40 for every residential water meter. So I pay this for both meters at my address. I have an underground sprinkling system so my savings easily cover the meter fee and plumbing charge. But I would encourage property owners to estimate how much their bill would be reduced by this strategy before they order the second meter and hire a plumber.

Aquarion told me that this is available to any of their residential customers in Trumbull regardless of where the meter is located.
Jim Lang