Letter: Expressing thanks, gratitude after house fire

To the Editor:

We are not sure we can come up with adequate words to express our thanks to the Trumbull Volunteer Fire Companies for their outstanding work in putting out the fire in our house. Not only did they put it out quickly and professionally thus preventing it from spreading to the entire house, they did everything possible to minimize the water damage. They took the same care of our home as they would their own. We could not have asked for anything more.

While getting a call that your house is on fire is never a good thing, Trumbull residents should rest easier knowing what great volunteers we have in all three of our fire companies.

We have lived in Trumbull for over 30 years and always been proud of our town, but it is times like this that reinforce our conviction that this is the best place to live and raise a family.

All three fire companies, Long Hill, Trumbull Center and Nichols sent volunteers and equipment, and even Stepney and Monroe provided assistance given our proximity to the Monroe town border. Our EMS volunteers/staff and Trumbull Police officers were there also and stayed throughout the fire offering assistance to the firemen who needed it, as well as to me. It was a hot sunny day and the heat was brutal for the firemen up on a roof with all their heavy gear.

While it may have felt like one of the worst times for us, it brought out the best in our neighbors and community. Just saying “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough.

Elaine and Lynwood Hammers