Letter: Experiences will help schools

To the Editor:

My name is Tom Tesoro. I am a candidate for the Trumbull Board of Education. My experience is typical of many in our community in that I was attracted to Trumbull for a number of reasons but the most important was the reputation of the Trumbull school system. I am pleased to say that the reality was every bit as good as the reputation. My two daughters are graduates of the Trumbull Schools, went to excellent universities and now work in their careers. I am grateful for the opportunities afforded them and want for the current parents what I experienced — an excellent school system.

As a two-term elected member of the Board of Finance I am thoroughly familiar with the school system budget. As a trained lawyer with a specialty in employment law I know those skills can be put to good use. As a senior executive in a New York Stock Exchange Company, I will bring the fiscal discipline of the business community to our Board of Education.

Our school system faces some important challenges. From pay to participate fees that are too high, to the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum and teacher evaluation, the next Board of Education will need to have a clear focus on priorities and fiscal responsibility while avoiding the temptation of political expediency. I know my background will allow me to make a positive contribution to our school system and I respectfully ask for your support on Nov. 5.

Tom Tesoro