Letter: Education board member strives for ‘what’s best for the students’

To the Editor:

I’m proud and honored to have served as a member of the Trumbull Board of Education for the past eight years and vice-chairman these past two years. I’m proud to talk about the wide range of educational opportunities that Trumbull Public School offers all of its students. I’m proud to talk about our teachers, our administrators and our many other staff members… about the quality of our programs of study, about student achievement and about our beautiful schools. I’m proud to talk about our award-winning sports teams, academic teams, performing arts and of course, the THS Golden Eagle Marching Band.

I’ve seen many improvements take place within our high-performing school district since my tenure began in 2007. They include completion of the high school renovation, implementation of full day kindergarten, addition of many more rigorous advanced placement classes at the high school, elimination of portable classrooms at the elementary schools and implementation of a plan to eliminate most pay-to-participate fees within the next two years. We’ve also made significant investments in classroom technology, school security and facility maintenance and repair. I’m very proud to have participated in hiring Dr. Gary Cialfi as our new school superintendent and to have worked with him as he filled key administrative positions that came open due to retirements or resignations. I believe that all of these changes, plus too many more to mention, have placed Trumbull Public Schools in an enviable position throughout the state.

But there is still more to be done. We need to continue working to make Trumbull Public School buildings more energy efficient, to reduce inefficiency and redundancy between Town and BOE systems, to replace textbooks with computerized curriculum systems that are accessible on an IPAD, to continue to expand our advancement offerings at the high school and to implement foreign language into the elementary school curriculum, a further extension of the after-school Chinese language program now being offered to fourth and fifth graders.

I am running for re-election to the Trumbull Board of Education where my goal will continue to be “what’s best for the students” and I will make every effort to positively impact their educational, emotional and social growth. I am asking for your vote for myself and for the entire Herbst Team on Nov. 3.
Loretta Chory,
Candidate for Trumbull Board of Education