Letter: Economic vibrancy in Trumbull stands out against state, national dearth

To the Editor:

Not to state the obvious, but both the state and national economies (where 2% growth is now “good” news) remain remarkably weak going into the sixth year of the current expansion. Yet, there is an economic vibrancy in Trumbull that is evident in the number and scope of commercial development projects that have recently been completed, or are currently underway. The retail space at Main Street and Route 111, encompassing a restaurant, pet store, gymnasium and other retail establishments, will shortly be joined by the large retail development near Long Hill Green. The first two stores in the Madison Avenue development opened recently (I would hope that all Trumbull residents would consider stopping in to support these new businesses), and others will open soon. The newly completed medical building on Park Avenue — affiliated with Bridgeport Hospital — is yet another example of a well-thought-out commercial addition to our town. This burst of development can be attributed to the pro-growth policies of the Herbst administration, and the hard work of our economic development office.

Clearly, businesses like what they see in Trumbull. Likewise, all residents should welcome sustained growth of commercial property, as this will permit lower property tax increases in the future. Low, predictable growth in taxes, such as those we have all enjoyed over the last six years of the Herbst Administration, are a major reason businesses are coming to town, as are our award-winning schools, outstanding parks and strong sense of community. With so much going right, it is difficult to understand why anyone would want Trumbull to change direction. I urge voters to support Tim Herbst and the Republican team this November.
Mark S. LeClair