Letter: Don't change horses mid-stream

To the Editor:

We cannot afford to halt our progress or even put it on hold. You don’t change horses mid-stream.

In the next election, we have a real choice. You can vote for continued progress and fiscal responsibility or you can change “horses” and vote for a team in flux, led by someone who isn’t even sure to which party she belongs.

We cannot afford an unknown who tends to waffle with her votes and with her loyalties.

Trumbull has come a long way in the past few years but there is much more to be done if we want to maintain our quality of life. Let’s finish projects now underway — not jeopardize them.

Led by First Selectman Tim Herbst, multi-digit tax hikes are eliminated. Full-day kindergarten is instituted. The high school is renovated. Roads are being paved. Employee contracts are being modified so the costs of medical insurance are more fairly shared. The inherited debacle of sewer construction is slowly being sorted out with as fair a resolution as is possible, despite what critics may claim.

Our bond rating has remained high. Our pension fund is finally being funded the way it should have been under previous administrations.

Is it time to change that tune? Is it time to go back to annual multi-digit tax increases? Can we afford to elect a Democrat running for Town Council who says it is OK for non-paying out-of-towners to attend our school? Can we afford to elect another Democrat running for Town Council who has said privately he wants to convert our volunteer fire departments to a paid department?

I am running for re-election to the Town Council because I believe it is not OK to let out-of-towners send their children to Trumbull schools and pay nothing. We must support our volunteer fire departments, not undermine them. We must continue to be fiscally responsible and not allow a return to double-digit tax hikes. And we must continue to keep our school system strong, the envy of many around us.

Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, I hope you will agree. And I hope to hear from you. What are your suggestions for the future? Let’s all join together with a proven team that is open to your ideas, continue to “reign” in excessive spending and keep the Herbst team in the “saddle.”

Thank you for your consideration.

Michael London Town Council, District 3