Letter — Don’t be distracted, vote Rutigliano

I am writing today to implore my fellow Trumbull voters to not be distracted this election season. Whatever we may think of what is going on in the world, or in Washington, D.C., it has little effect on our situation here in Connecticut.

Don’t be distracted by the fact that the prolonged economic pain, ever increasing taxes and impending tolls tax are due to years of one-party rule in Hartford. Connecticut Democrats have had control of our state government for 40 years. Whether it’s been President Bush, Obama, or Trump, for the citizens of Connecticut it has not mattered. Taxes have increased by record levels, mismanagement of our infrastructure dollars and corrupt government union deals are the norm.

The grand finale of 40 years of Democratic control of the legislature has been eight painful years of the Dan Malloy administration which thankfully is coming to a close. This year we have a chance to turn the page and get our state economy moving again.

In order to enact the change and promote the policies we need we are going to need good people in the state House. Representative Dave Rutigliano is such a person and leader and has my full support.

Dave has done the tireless work, since elected, fighting Dan Malloy’s bad ideas, and working for Trumbull families. I trust he will continue to make the tough decisions necessary to help fix our economy and get thing moving again.

We in Connecticut have a once in a generation opportunity to change course, Please let’s take advantage of the moment and re-elect David Rutigliano.
Rick Costantini, District 4
Trumbull Republican Town Committee