Letter: Do we have our priorities right in Trumbull?

To the Editor:

Let’s see if I have this correctly.

December 2014, TownCouncil approves, on short notice to the public, withdrawing from the Trumbull Monroe Health District claiming duplicating rather than consolidating services will save money.

April 2015, Town Council votes to create position of Director of Parks and Recreation at about $90,000 to oversee $84,000 per year Director of Recreation and $83,000 per year Parks Superintendent. Reason? Better scheduling of town athletic fields events and other unspecified duties. Position filled one week later by current Westport Director who will retire to assume new position.

May 2015, New Health Director hired, previously served over 30 years in Norwalk Health system. Are there no current employees of the Town of Trumbull or the TMHD qualified for these positions?

June 2015, Trumbull Nature & Arts Commission President and three other members replaced. Aforementioned $90,000 Parks and Recreation Director will oversee duties of previously volunteer position.

June 2015, Town Council approves 20% pay increase for town bureaucrats. No justification cited exceptthat raises were “overdue.” Meanwhile, new Trumbull Health Department opens July 1. All previous employees of TMHD that wished to transfer had to reapply for their positions and begin again at the bottom of their pay scales with commensurate reduction of benefits and pensions.

I guess our priorities are right in Trumbull.

John Cybul