Letter: District 2 voters disenfranchised

To the Editor:

This past Monday, the Town Council Representatives were sworn into office. One in District 2 was not elected by District 2 voters. The seat was vacated by Mr. McGowan, for personal reasons, before being sworn in. The First Selectman was quoted, in the December 3rd edition of The Trumbull Times that “the Republican caucus would be making that selection, per Chapter 2, Section 12 of the Town Charter.”

Mr. Herbst’ is incorrect in his reading of Section 12, most likely, due to a misunderstanding of the unique circumstances under which the seat became open.

Section 12 of the Town Charter only deals with vacancies which occur when a representative has actively served.

These are certainly not the circumstances here. Mr. McGowan resigned before he was sworn in and before taking his seat. Therefore, having the Republican caucus fill the seat with a Republican is totally wrong and likely illegal. The Charter is totally silent in this case. Also silent is state law (CGS 146-9).

The only proper and Constitutional way to fill the seat is for the voters in District 2 do it, in a special election. Earlier, I proposed the candidate having the sixth highest vote tally fill the seat. However, it was pointed out on Keep Trumbull Real, that this would improperly account for how the 1,000 voters for Mr. McGowan would choose.

I call on the Town Council to do the proper thing and call for a special District 2 election for the fifth seat on the Council.
Paul G. Littlefield