Letter: District 2 needs action

To the Editor:

Before this election is forgotten and next year's big national election is upon us, District 2 needs bipartisan attention to the voter suppression caused by the geographical obstacles and polling site.

The geographical obstacles are enormous, spanning two major highway intersections — routes 25 and 8 — and a large body of water, Pinewood Lake. In addition, there’s a large tract of land and the district reaches from southwest of Town, in the Old Town Road area, to the northeast borders of Shelton and Stratford.

The district, covering vast tracts of land, is broken up into segregated neighborhood clusters that offer little in the way of common interests. By comparison think of Tashua and Nichols neighborhoods.

The St. Joseph High School as a polling place has a lot to offer. However, it’s very far removed from the majority of the district's voters. There are many alternatives that are more accessible but none is without drawbacks.

Unfortunately, the map on the town web site, showing the boundaries of the voting districts is of such poor visual quality, as to be virtually useless for analysis purpose, so that I am hampered from making more constructive suggestions.

However, since District 2 is a split district and has one of the largest voter registrations, I believe, it would be worth looking into having two voting sites, one for each district. This could make it possible to have smaller facilities in which to vote. This has budget concerns, since two staffs would be required and the printing of two separate ballots, one for each state voting districts, the 122nd and 123rd.

The point being is, do we want to improve voter turn out or not. This is a nonpartisan issue, by and large. But it requires the initiative of the majority party to study the issue. We voters can make our voice heard. I just did.
Paul G. Littlefield