Letter — Devlin has proven track record

Joseph Pifko
Joseph Pifko

We all know that Connecticut is in deep trouble. Taxes are rising, employment is not keeping up with the national rates and people are leaving the state at a rate of 100 every week. We need to send to Hartford proven state representatives who have a track record of standing up to Governor Malloy and the Democratic machine that has run this state into the ground. Laura Devlin is one such state representative.

A working mom who is also an independent business owner, Laura knows what it means to meet a payroll and meet the needs of a family at the same time. She understands the issues faced by working families and how improving our local ailing economy will benefit every community and family in our state.

Laura understands that controlling tax increases and curbing spending helps make Connecticut more attractive for businesses and industries to move and grow here. Having been a commuter to New York City for many years, she knows the importance of building our infrastructure and keeping our highways toll-free.

Laura voted to override Governor Malloy's midyear cuts to education. She worked to pass bipartisan legislation protecting college students and parents by creating a "Student Loan Bill of Rights" and she worked to protect younger students with dyslexia who need additional support and help. She also supported legislation to protect Long Island Sound and to protect state- owned open space. Laura has done all this while maintaining a perfect attendance record in Hartford.

Over the past four years Laura has proven she has what it takes to voice our needs to Hartford. Trumbull and Fairfield needs to send Laura Devlin back to Hartford.

Joe Pifko, District 4

Trumbull Republicans