Letter — Devlin fights for education

Jacqueline Norcel — Trumbull GOP photo
Jacqueline Norcel — Trumbull GOP photo

A quality education system is the foundation of a successful community. Supporting our education system requires elected officials who understand it’s importance and who have a strong track record of supporting our students, teachers, and administrators.

Over the past few years, Governor Malloy and the Democrats have made cuts and reductions to our education system a part of their solution to Connecticut's budget crisis. Fortunately, Trumbull and Fairfield, two of the top education systems in the state, have Laura Devlin in Hartford, fighting for our towns and supporting education. Here are a few examples of Laura’s leadership regarding the support of our education systems:  

  • When Governor Malloy slashed all of Trumbull's education funding, Laura fought to have it restored with a Republican budget that fully funded education for Trumbull and Fairfield. This budget gained bipartisan support and passed the House, only to be vetoed by Governor Malloy;

  • Laura has earned the endorsement of the Association of Retired Teachers (ART)  for her support and efforts to protect teacher retirement and increased funding, even when the Governor and Democrats wouldn't make good on promises to teachers;

  • Governor Malloy vetoed bills that would provide greater classroom safety for teachers, and that would have prevented future governors from being able to make mid-year cuts to education funding. The Democrats wouldn't let those bills be called for a vote to override the governor, leaving teachers and our future funding at risk. 

Providing a quality education for every child is one of the core responsibilities of our state government. Along with that is making good on promises to teachers about their pensions and healthcare.

It requires the courage to make the right decision and the experience to fight for our teachers.  Actions speak louder than words. This November, don’t fall for what people say they are going to do - Don't fall for misleading campaign rhetoric – Trumbull and Fairfield have the strongest education advocate in Laura Devlin. Please join me in voting for Laura on November 6.

Jacqueline J. Norcel (R)

Board of Education