Letter: Development with respect to history, character

To the Editor:

My name is David Preusch. I am a Republican candidate for the Planning and Zoning Commission. I am an architect practicing privately, and I believe that lending my expertise developed over a 37-year career in architecture and planning will make a difference as Trumbull adopts and implements an updated Plan of Conservation and Development. I believe that as Trumbull manages its physical environment, it must respect its historic underpinnings and be a steward of its resources. Development will happen, but it must happen with respect for the defining characteristics and qualities of Trumbull that residents hold dear. In this respect, I intend to serve Trumbull as a good planning steward.

My wife Sherry and I moved to Trumbull 35 years ago and raised our three children here. For most of that time I lived quietly as an average citizen with no involvement in town affairs. Seven years ago, however, I learned the hard way, that the average citizen, having a difficulty, had no voice. When trying to speak, nobody listened.

Upon meeting Tim Herbst in 2008, I saw a different kind of leader. He listens. He cares about the average citizen first, rather than the politically-connected. I have seen him stand up for those seeking a voice. For that reason I volunteered for his team in 2009 and have been serving the citizens of Trumbull on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the High School Building Committee. I serve because Trumbull has a leader who has earned my support.

David Preusch