Letter — Democrats remain focused on positive agenda

I am writing in response to Suzanne Burr Monaco's letter dated February 6.

Trumbull Democrats are tired of the personal and negative attacks in town politics. We think the voters are, too, and we believe that many in Trumbull voted the way they did last November because of the promise of a more positive political discourse. With that in mind, I am not going to engage in a negative discussion. I am simply going to correct the inaccuracies in Ms. Burr Monaco's letter.

In her letter, Ms. Burr Monaco criticizes Ashley Gaudiano for announcing her candidacy for state representative so soon after being elected to the Town Council. Ms. Burr Monaco is not the first Trumbull Republican to write a letter to the editor on this topic. However, history shows that in 2010, Republican David Pia ran for the State Senate in the year after being elected to the Town Council for the first time. In 2012, Republican Dave Rutigliano ran for State Rep in the year following being elected to the Board of Finance for the first time. In 2014, Republican Enrico Costantini ran for State Senate in the year following being elected to the Town Council for the first time Ms. Burr Monaco is criticizing Ashley for something that her party has done three times in the last 8 years. Ashley Gaudiano ran for the Town Council last year, worked very hard, walked door-to-door to meet with and listen to voters and the citizens of District 4 elected her to the Town Council. Ashley is doing a great job for Trumbull, and she will do a great job as a State Rep in the 134th District.

Also, Ms. Burr Monaco states that if Cindy Katske had resigned from the Town Council prior to being sworn in, a special election to replace her would be held. This is just not true. There is no provision in the Trumbull Town Charter which allows for a special election to be held for a Town Council seat. The Charter requires that the replacement for any vacancy is determined by the remaining Town Council members of the same party. It was just two years ago that a Republican was elected to the Town Council from District 2, but then resigned before being sworn in. In that case, the Town Attorney issued a legal opinion stating that such a vacancy must be filled by the process outlined in the Charter. Cindy Katske did not know that First Selectman Tesoro would offer her a position when she ran for office. She is doing outstanding work supporting the executive office.

While it is important to correct the record, Trumbull Democrats are focused on our positive agenda for Trumbull's future. Last November, Trumbull voted for change. We appeal to Suzanne Burr Monaco and all Trumbull Republicans to join us in moving Trumbull forward. Please stop with the nasty negative personal attacks and erroneous statements and work with us. Our town deserves nothing less.

Tom Kelly, chairman

Trumbull Democrats