Letter — Democrats have been proven hypocrites

In 2014 the Democrats maligned then First Selectman Tim Herbst for announcing to run for state treasurer a few months after taking office (his third term) as first selectman. Prior to that, he also served 11 years on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

In Trumbull the Democratic Party has proven to be hypocrites on the subject. It is fine for Ashley Gaudiano — a Town Council member for a whole month — to announce her run for state representative, and for Cindy Katske to resign 14 hours after being sworn in to the Town Council to take a paying job with the Tesoro Administration.

Had Mrs. Katske resigned prior to taking the oath, District 3 voters — like myself — could have called for a special election, allowing voters to have a say in who would represent our district. Instead, Mrs. Katske took the oath, and 10 Democratic Town Council members — only one who is from our district — got to choose her replacement. So much for giving the residents a voice in the process!

Since Democrats seem to own the press all they get is kudos for all that they do. Very interesting. A true case of do what I say, don’t do what I do.

Suzanne Burr Monaco