Letter — Democrats, Republicans did the right thing

Congratulations to both the Democrats and Republicans on the Trumbull Town Council.

Last Thursday I had the honor of chairing the Town Council meeting. On the agenda was a resolution to transfer $1.4 million dollars from a contingency fund to the Board of Education Program Expenses. At the Legislation and Administration Committee meeting the week before, School Supt. Gary Cialfi had indicated that without these funds, 15-18 positions would need to be eliminated. The transfer at the council level passed unanimously.

Both Democrats and Republicans stepped up and did the right thing. With all the chaos and mismanagement in Hartford, Trumbull legislators decided that our kids are important and we will not be held hostage by Hartford.

It is a shame that Trumbull sends $80.4 million dollars of our money to Hartford and we get nothing in return. I am proud of both sides of the aisle of our Town Council. Hartford should take a lesson.