Letter — Deecken is a man of his community

I am a certified charter school teacher in Bridgeport, and I have become an enthusiastic supporter of a Bridgeport public schools teacher in his candidacy for state senate, Rich Deecken.

As a nonpartisan voter who finds no attraction in the gubernatorial candidates for either major party, I believe that Deecken possesses many of the qualities that are desirable to the more independent-minded voter, qualities that should turn the typically Democratic 22nd District into one of Connecticut's most contested battlegrounds this fall.

Despite the differences in our employment and political affiliation, Rich Deecken is an inspiring candidate that represents an ideal balance between political experience and individual integrity. His past record on Trumbull's Planning and Zoning Commission, in which his service displays a strong commitment to principle over person and party, is only some evidence of Deecken's independent character.

Many past candidates for state senate in the 22nd District have tried to turn their election into a matter of urban interests versus suburban interests, dismally implying that the demographics within can never coexist. In contrast, no person is more closely connected to the communities of both Bridgeport and Trumbull than Rich Deecken, and no person is more qualified to identify and represent the best interests of both communities.

Being a Bridgeport teacher, along with a Trumbull resident and parent, who else is so effectively equipped to fuse the interests of these communities and ensure that they are both considered in state policymaking?

As a result of this experience, of these connections to families throughout the 22nd District. I am confident that Rich Deecken will be the one in Hartford to focus only on issues that these communities care about. He will not try to divide our district by manipulating urban and suburban demographics against each other. I encourage Trumbull residents to strongly consider electing Rich Deecken as our state senator this fall, an independent vote for an independent voice.

Brandon Cousins