Letter: Debicella is the right choice

To the Editor:

On Election Day, think about yourself and the people who are close to your heart. How has this economy impacted your life and theirs? Many voters are worried. The exhausted business owner is a one man show because he can’t hire any workers. The taxes, insurance and costs are high. Some voters want to start their own business, but do not know if they can afford to stay in Connecticut due to the high taxes and red tape. That’s one reason we need Dan Debicella for Congress in CT’s 4th Congressional District. Dan wants to cut taxes for the small business owners and eliminate red tape. He’s a leader who cares. Voters are concerned about their children who have not worked in a couple of years. After lay- offs, they haven’t been able to find another full or part-time job and some mentioned that they live paycheck to paycheck on one income while using their 401K to pay their expenses. Dan Debicella has a plan to help the unemployed by offering tax credits to businesses who will create training programs for the unemployed. That’s one way Dan plans to help the unemployed. A tax credit at the end of the year will make training affordable for businesses. Retirees have said that they worked hard, saved their money and educated their children. Now, they are helping their grandchildren financially, since they don’t earn enough to support themselves.

The right choice is Dan Debicella for Congress in CT’s 4th Congressional District.

Joanna M. Leone