Letter: Crowd should have stood for veterans

To the Editor:

As usual, the Memorial Day parade in town was a lovely celebration. Especially, and of primary importance is the thanks that we all owe to our veterans.

Two things disturbed me profoundly while watching the parade. We were on the lawn of the Town Hall, just to the side of the reviewing stand to observe the parade. When the flag went by at the head of the parade, virtually NO One stood to honor it. Not only that, but again virtually NO ONE stood to honor the veterans — even the WW11 veteran, James Morgia, who walked the entire length of the route.

This gentleman and others like him were at one of the most important battles of WW11. I believe that we all owe these veterans all the respect we can give to them. In my humble opinion, NO ONE should have been sitting! Please stand when the flag of our country and the veterans who put their lives on the line for our freedom pass in parade. It is not about the doughnuts and ice cream.

Lyn Bianchi