Letter — Council member backs Deecken

Lisa Valenti — DTC photo
Lisa Valenti — DTC photo

To the Editor:

I have always lived by the saying, vote for the person, not the party. I am an unaffiliated voter currently serving on the Trumbull Town Council in District 4. This year, I will be splitting my ticket and voting for Rich Deecken for State Senate and Ashley Gaudiano for State Representative.

I have known Rich for over 10 years. Throughout that time, I have seen him grow from a Sacred Heart University undergrad to a high school teacher, husband and father. I was always impressed with his maturity, sense of community and civic duty.

We need next-generation candidates like Rich to lead our state out of mediocrity and bring young people back to Connecticut. Families face problems of limited availability of jobs, long-distance work commutes to the New York area market, high student loan debt, and house and rental affordability. It will take millennials like Rich to help this state quickly adapt to the challenges that are making Connecticut undesirable.

In the years that I have watched Rich on the Trumbull land use commissions, he has always been fair in his deliberation and has always put the community first. With his professional experience as a Bridgeport teacher, he fully understands the needs of the Bridgeport community. As a Trumbull resident with civic experience working on multiple boards in town, Rich also understands the ‘burbs. This unaffiliated voter is thrilled to be voting for Rich Deecken on November 6!

Lisa Valenti (D-4th)

Town Council

Editor’s note — Lisa Valenti was elected to the Town Council on the Democratic ticket, but is not a member of the party.