Letter: Cook-Littman would be strong voice in Hartford

To the Editor:

I am thrilled at the prospect of Tara Cook-Littman representing me in Hartford. As a state senator, I have firsthand knowledge of what Tara is capable of. I have watched Tara advocate in Hartford for the last three years on issues that impact our health, the environment and consumer protection. Tara is passionate and determined and Trumbull needs to have her fighting for us in Hartford.

Tara was the leading member of a movement that passed the first in the nation GMO labeling law. Tara led a team of advocates from throughout the state and created a powerful grassroots movement that Hartford rarely sees. Most impressive was how Tara worked with members of both parties. She was not afraid to stand up to members of her own party when they were on the wrong side of an issue and also worked hand-in-hand with many Republicans. Tara believes this is the way government should work, and I know that as a State Representative, her bipartisan spirit will continue. She knows government should not be about political parties, but rather doing what is best for the people of our state.

To call Tara’s work ethic “unrelenting,” would be a gross understatement. Tara is just the type of person who does not rest until all voices are heard, all theories are tested and the job is done. I have no doubt that her willingness to work hard and fight for a good cause will serve Trumbull well at the State Capitol.

Please join me in voting for Tara Cook-Littman on Nov. 4 to give us a strong voice in Hartford.

State Sen. Anthony Musto (D-22)