Letter: Cook-Littman will fight for a bright future

To the Editor:

I immediately liked Tara Cook-Littman the day she knocked on my door. As we talked, her passion for wanting a better future for her kids, and for all of us was evident. Tara is not a career politician, she has no agenda other than seeing the issues and wanting to find reasonable solutions for everyone. She won’t make false promises to get your vote, she is honest and sincere with every answer she provides. Since 2012, Tara has worked as Director of GMO Free CT. Due to her passion, and belief that there must be transparency in the food supply, the first GMO labeling law in the United States was passed.

Tara has worked with Fairfield’s PTA Council to make some extremely positive changes to Fairfield’s food programs. Beginning this year: Food is being outsourced to a professional company, only GMO-free cooking oils will be used to prepare food, organic milk is now a choice and the food company will be working with local farms to purchase produce and so much more.

Tara is passionate about education. She understands the issues that parents and teachers have regarding Common Core, the standardized testing that accompanies it, and the way that are teachers and children are being evaluated. Tara believes we need to look closer to make sure that Common Core is a good fit for our students going forward.

Tara is the right choice for State Representative, 134th District. She understands what is important and WHY. Tara is intelligent, passionate and informed. She will fight for a brighter future. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Tara Cook-Littman.

Tracey Lepore