Letter: Cook-Littman knows she will work for us

To the Editor:

Please join me in voting for Tara Cook-Littman for State Representative in the 134th District. Tara is a fearless leader who will be a strong, independent voice for Trumbull.

I met Tara three years ago when she presented at the Trumbull Public Library about GMOs and the state of our food system. Tara’s intelligence and passion inspired me to join the fight that led to the first-in-the-nation GMO labeling law. Tara and I worked closely and I witnessed firsthand just what she is capable of.

While fighting on behalf of transparency in our food system, Tara faced some of the strongest lobbying powers in the United States. She proved that even America’s largest corporations are no match for the power of our collective voice. Tara stood up to the political leadership in Hartford and worked with members of both political parties to tackle an issue that was deeply important to her and many others throughout the state. Tara took on members of her own party when she believed they were not doing the right thing. That is how politics should work.

Too often our politicians worry about what is best for their party and not about what is best for their constituents. Politicians forget that they work for us.

Tara knows the people should dictate government, not political agendas or special interests and she fought for those principles as an activist in Hartford.

I am proud to call Tara a dear friend and I will be proud to call her my State Representative.

Amanda J. Wendt