Letter: Complaint froms Democrat was no surprise

To the Editor:

It was not a surprise for me reading the long complaint of a letter to the editor, published on Sept. 12, of how unfair the action of the Republican Council members to vote for William Haberlin as an alternate member of the Board of Finance. Wow, a Democrat advocating fairness? What about the fairness when they controlled the Town Council? But, that was in the past. What about the State of Connecticut?

Mr. Tesoro as a good Democrat, failed to mention that the next resolution was to elect a Democrat to serve as a member to the Pension Board, which was approved unanimously by the Council.

Prior to been elected to the Town Council last November, I was a commissioner of the WPCA. What I found was incredible. I asked questions for which I received no answers. The situation created by the prior Democratic administrations was a disaster. We are still in litigation with the sewer contractor. The taxation to the citizens of Trumbull, prior to Tim Herbst Administration, was out of control.

The Democrats have a very good track record for spending our money. As in Washington, Hartford and in any other city controlled by Democrats. Look at your bills next time you make a payment. They are taxing us to just live.

I was elected to do my best in the interest of the people that I represent and not to be fair to a Democrat. Let me repeat, again, what I said on Sept. 4, “I am a Conservative and I do not trust a Democrat with my money.”

District 1 Councilman

Ennio De Vita